Charity Foundation

When it comes to charity, a stumbling block for many businesses is the question of how to handle the money in the most efficient and appropriate way. Charity is a type of long-term investment and one cannot expect quick and guaranteed results in this case. In today's world, the concepts of philanthropy and efficiency are interlinked. In any business the issues of ecology and sustainability are permanently connected to the company's activity.

A charity policy inherently involves the distribution of a portion of the company's profits, so there are general requirements for the quality of corporate governance, as well as transparency and consistency with the interests of all investors present. We take care of the distribution of funds directly to charitable foundations. We offer our clients to donate a percentage of their income generated through their work with World Business Investment Consulting to charity. In doing so, the funds are continuously circulated.

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Преимущества WBIC BLAGO

Advantages WBIC BLAGO

  • A proper distribution of funds

  • Automatic deduction of a percentage of income

  • Security and Privacy

  • Lack of bureaucracy and transparency

  • 24/7 support

  • Relevance to the interests of all investors present