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WBIC Academia

WBIC Academia is one of the key activities of World Business Investment Consulting. WBIC Academia provides access to exclusive educational programmes in financial consulting and investment, as well as extensive knowledge of the financial markets.

WBIC Royal

World Business and Investment Consulting develops investment strategies monitors their implementation.

The platform can be used to buy shares, bonds and other investment products.


In today's world, the concepts of philanthropy and efficiency are interconnected. In any large business, environmental and sustainability issues are inextricably linked to the company's operations. Discover the benefits of the programme.

WBIC Construction

WBIC Construction is a network of large-scale World Business Investment Consulting projects for the construction of apartments, villas, residential complexes, hotels entertainment parks, industrial premises, etc., which are implemented all over the world.

Partnership with WBIC

About us

The development prospects of a holding company, in particular its competitive advantages and potential risks, largely depend on the investment raised and the clearly structured organisation of the business.

The specialists of World Business Investment Consulting are a reliable team of professionals in various fields and directions with more than 30 years of experience and international expertise.

Reliability and transparency, state-of-the-art technology and a unique approach are fundamental to our work.

Our international reach and access to information ensure that our products and services are unique. We are confident of success and offer unlimited self-development and project opportunities to our clients, which include investors, individuals, businesses, funds, banks and others.

Over the years of successful operations, we have worked diligently to create detailed strategies for business promotion. The strategies successfully combine state-of-the-art innovative solutions, providing access to both "time-tested" tools and current trends and developments in the international markets.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to form and create a free and secure society where people are confident about their future, build stable successful careers while improving their quality of life.

Our vision is to provide unlimited opportunities and high income for our clients, bringing to life and using the most advanced tools and technologies, exceptional knowledge and unique experience of our team and partner companies.

Development strategies

We see unlimited potential for development in our partners' projects and companies and are ready to provide all the necessary tools to achieve our goals. We use a thorough analysis of portfolios and production sites as the basis for developing individual optimisation strategies for our clients and customise the processes and analysis tools to their individual requirements and needs.


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    Diverse sources of passive income and high market potential. A very user-friendly personal account with all the information you need to work. It is also worth noting the high quality of the services provided in the international arena.

    Hans Schließmann
    Entrepreneur. Germany